Homemade delights is the place for people who enjoy eating.

Each item is prepared with the utmost care and thought; be it a sumptuous decorated wedding cake, a box of delicate rainbow macarons filled with a choice of luscious fillings, a personalised biscuit plaque, a delectable dessert or a handcrafted birthday cake. Each item is treated with the same devotion and made to bring joy to all who indulge.

The highest quality ingredients will always be sourced to ensure maximum flavour and standards are achieved. Being passionate about food myself, I know how important it is that something tastes as good as it looks and vice versa. And whilst never compromising these values, making sure that a fair price is offered at all times.

Please take time to browse our website and see samples of the delights we offer. We are always on hand to answer any questions you may have and work out the finer details to make your order perfect. (See our contact page).